Mandarin Immersion Programs

optional at select Guidepost locations

At Guidepost Montessori, we believe language immersion is the best way to offer your child the well-studied “bilingual advantage.” Decades of scientific research shows that bilingual children demonstrate enhanced cognitive flexibility. At several of our schools, we take advantage of this by offering Mandarin Immersion programs.

Fluency in Mandarin opens doors to an entire world for your child, offering opportunities that would have been otherwise unavailable. The bilingual child has a deeper understanding of the potential of her own mind, a social and emotional head start, and a stronger foundation in executive functioning skills.

Young children under the age of six absorb more than one language effortlessly and with joy, so we offer full Mandarin immersion for toddlers through kindergarten-aged children.

The Value of a Second Language

Bilingualism offers a lifetime of benefits.

In an increasingly globalized world, bilingualism opens doors to whole new realms—in cultural experiences, creative and professional opportunities, and in meaningful personal relationships.

Beyond the practical benefits of bilingualism, there is a tremendous amount of evidence from psychology, neuroscience, and education research that fluency in a second language has a significant impact on crucial executive functioning skills. These executive functioning skills are key factors in an individual’s ability to succeed in life.

Executive functioning skills help us direct our attention, plan and solve problems, and interpret the words and actions of others. Additionally, bilingual children as young as age 3 have demonstrated a head start on empathy, as well as other fundamental social and emotional skills.

Our immersion classrooms feature lead teachers (“guides”) who are not only Montessori-trained, but are also native Mandarin speakers, and the daily classroom experience is conducted fully in Mandarin. This constant exposure to native Mandarin allows children to learn the language with a native accent and natural intonation.

Mandarin-speaking lead guides give Montessori lessons in Mandarin, and they conduct daily conversations and classroom management in Mandarin as well.

Though all main lessons and classroom management conversations are held in Mandarin, English vocabulary lessons, as well as lessons for older children who are ready to learn to read and write in English, are given by a Montessori-trained native English speaker who works with students one-on-one or in small groups.

Mandarin full immersion classrooms are available at select Guidepost schools in our Toddler and Children's House programs.

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