Elementary Distance Learning

A Guidepost at Home option for Elementary students

Parents who have their children at home still crave a model with structure, led by an educator alongside a community of welcoming peers. Our virtual model alleviates the burden of managing and generating schoolwork for parents, and connects children directly to Guidepost Montessori’s world-class educators.

As the reality sets in for school closures, families are seeking solutions. While many schools are assigning work packets, and there is a plethora of lesson ideas and learning apps online, often parents are overwhelmed by meeting their children’s educational needs while also managing their own daily responsibilities. “What if my child doesn’t understand the work sent home or needs more support than I can offer? Is my child engaged in learning or keeping busy? What is even reasonable to accomplish at home? How do I address time gaps when my child is done working? What about my child’s social needs?” Families are searching for offerings that provide the high-quality, individualized education that elementary children need to flourish academically, socially and emotionally.

A Guided Day

Parents crave a model with a more structured, cohesive day, led by a skilled educator and including a community of welcoming peers. Our virtual model, anchored to current tuition, shifts the burden from parents to monitor and generate schoolwork, while juggling their own work, to Guidepost Montessori’s world-class educators.

The Montessori methodology is naturally suited to meaningful learning at home. Our elementary program—adapted to an online format—continues to preserve a love of learning with a focus on the whole child. Children will have continued opportunities to problem solve; develop their independence; hone their interpersonal and time management skills; explore creative outlets; and pursue individual interests.

Program Offering

Children can join a welcoming, collaborative peer community in their time zone on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm (or similar). Small group lessons are balanced with engaging independent work. In our virtual classrooms, elementary students will receive lessons that are customized to meet their level of needed challenge, as well as an ongoing assessment of their progress.

Features include:

  • daily teacher-led community gatherings

  • small group academic lessons

  • feedback, pacing, and guidance of student work

  • opportunities to collaborate and showcase projects

  • enrichment, read aloud, and movement opportunities

We offer regular, personalized communication and support for parents. Guidepost believes it is our responsibility to earn your trust and to provide a consistent, fulfilling, and engaging experience for your child during a time of uncertainty.

About Us

Guidepost Montessori has virtual programs across the world, at-home programs across the country, and more than 65 brick-and-mortar schools. We have the programmatic expertise, support, and professional infrastructure to offer high-quality, full-day Montessori programs virtually.

We are accepting applications for all programs. While we regularly open new physical schools and virtual classrooms, spots at any given time are limited, so we recommend you apply early to reserve enrollment for your child.

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