Guidepost School Partnership Program

Apply timeless Montessori principles to build a resilient, hybrid Montessori learning community that can adapt to any circumstance.

Given the unprecedented challenges of COVID and the permanent changes likely to result, Guidepost Montessori, the largest operator of private Montessori schools in the United States, is sharing its Montessori learning platform with schools across the world. Our goal is to empower educators to ensure students receive quality, continuous Montessori education in a hybrid environment that may demand seamless shifting from in-person to virtual. From a learning management system, to robust training in Montessori practice, to physical at-home materials, we are eager to help you practice high fidelity Montessori in these challenging times.

Customized Solutions

The Guidepost School Partnership program offers solutions that meet your particular needs. We can partner with you in the following ways:

  1. Facilitate and support exceptional virtual learning.

  2. Support and enable minimally trained guides to facilitate Montessori learning onsite through our platform—in conjunction with opportunities to train to become a Montessori educator.

  3. Support trained guides in preparing for a quick and seamless pivot to virtual.

  4. Offer parents an opportunity to purchase a materials subscription to allow virtually enabled exploration of physical materials at home.

  5. Offer full virtual classes to your students in the case a guide isn’t available.

The Guidepost Elementary Album

The heart of our program is the Guidepost Elementary Album, a content-rich learning platform designed to enable self-directed, learner-centered Montessori education in any setting. Whether teachers are offering virtual lessons or simply looking to help children unleash their potential in the classroom, the GEA uses cutting edge technology to drive agency rather than dependence, and truly puts the student at the center of the learning.

How the Album Works

Guidepost Elementary Album makes the curriculum of our beloved Montessori elementary programming accessible to students in non-traditional settings.

Your guides will find thoughtfully crafted, carefully sequenced, engaging lessons in every discipline and for the whole elementary age span—all in an intuitive platform designed to direct students offline as often as possible.

In the classroom, teachers can keep track of students’ progress with all lessons aligned to Common Core standards. When students are at home, they can pick up right where they left off, with their guides facilitating virtual learning through the Elementary Album.

Early Childhood Options

For schools and guides serving younger learners, we offer a wealth of resources for planning and delivering engaging virtual learning experiences, again with the goal of inspiring offline activity, and the training for new and experienced guides alike to transition their practice to the virtual space.

A System That Works For Educators

Our program is designed by and for Montessori guides, and is the same one used in our schools across the world.

Experienced Montessori educators will get exceptionally high quality blended learning resources and systems. For educators and classroom assistants who are newer to Montessori, we offer adaptable professional development modules and, for those interested, a full MACTE-accredited diploma course from the Prepared Montessorian Institute. For educators who are new to virtual learning, we offer professional development on how to get the most out of our hybrid Montessori resources.

For just $50 per student per month*, you get…

  • Elementary + Kindergarten virtual learning platform

  • 0-6 DIY Resource Hub

  • Training and onboarding for all staff

  • Access the yearlong MACTE-accredited Montessori training**

  • Ongoing support and office hours

One simple subscription gets access for all your staff and families.

Looking for something different? Please get in touch—we’ll try our best to customize a solution for your school community!

About Us

Guidepost Montessori has virtual programs across the world, at-home programs across the country, and more than 65 brick-and-mortar schools. We have the programmatic expertise, support, and professional infrastructure to offer high-quality, full-day Montessori programs virtually.

We are accepting applications for all programs. While we regularly open new physical schools and virtual classrooms, spots at any given time are limited, so we recommend you apply early to reserve enrollment for your child.

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