Montessori for Military Families

Bridging financial assistance, community and continuity of education to our nation’s heroes

The majority of military families we surveyed report that Montessori is key to a positive learning experience, aligning with core values of independence, resilience and structure. Learning is truly individualized, allowing our guides to meet each child where he or she is—academically, socially and emotionally. Most importantly, when you enroll with a Guidepost, you join more than a school. Our staff is driven by a culture of community that partners intentionally with parents, bridging the child’s journey seamlessly from classroom to home—even if, and especially when, home is transient.

Our Commitment to Military

In a multitude of ways, Guidepost is here for your family.

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    If you’re a military family and don’t qualify for Department of Defense fee assistance, we offer various financial assistance options including our own internal financial aid program. With more than 3,500 families across 65+ early childhood and elementary schools, our global network is uniquely equipped to serve our military with high-quality childcare that doesn’t ask dedicated service members to make further sacrifices.

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    Military families deserve to secure continuity of education despite disruptive moves, which our network can provide from one duty station to the next. When you join Guidepost, you gain network-level access to the world’s largest dedicated network of Montessori schools. We are committed to supporting military families in a seamless transfer process from one location to another, replacing disruption with stability.

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    We seek to modernize and solve the common challenges families face in education through collaborative partnerships and innovation. We believe that learning is not limited to a classroom, and we meet families where they are—whether that’s on campus in our beautifully-prepared, mixed-age classrooms, in the home through our full-service nanny share and home pod service, or virtually through our new Guidepost Montessori Virtual School.

Military Fee Assistance

Guidepost Montessori is honored to pursue partnership with Child Care Aware of America as an off-base provider of the Dept. of Defense fee assistance program, Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood. This fee-assistance program supports families in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and DOD by off-setting early childhood costs for ages 0-5. School-aged children up to age 13 may be eligible for financial support with before and after-care costs.

How To Apply
  1. Determine your family’s eligibility to apply. Guidepost Montessori is not involved in determining eligibility for government fee assistance. To find out if your family qualifies within your branch of service, contact Child Care Aware of America directly: Phone: 1 (800) 424-2246, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. EST, Monday–Friday. Email:

  2. Select Guidepost Montessori as your off-base provider. Once eligibility is approved by Child Care Aware of America, you’ll have access to a list of local childcare centers who participate in the fee assistance program. Be sure to select the appropriate Guidepost Montessori campus that you are enrolled/plan to enroll in.

  3. Complete your family’s individual application. Once you’ve determined eligibility and matched up with our school, you will need to formally apply via Child Care Aware of America according to specific guidelines unique to your branch of service. Note that some branches may first request that you create an account on

  4. Once approved, Guidepost will adjust your new monthly payments. Child Care Aware of America will notify Guidepost staff of your family’s approved financial assistance. Your new monthly payment will reflect the difference between our current tuition rate and your DOD fee assistance.

Military Spouse Employment

In partnership with Blue Star Families, we are committed to hiring military spouses who face the same challenges as children do from one duty station to the next. Our global network can bring stability with network-level access to our schools, accessible career advancement and trainings held virtually with The Prepared Montessorian Institute, remote work flexibility, and childcare tuition employee benefits. Check our current openings here.

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