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How to Support Reluctant Readers and Writers

Some children with learning differences will need more support in learning to read, spell, and write. How can we help these children develop their literacy and writing skills?

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Getting Their Attention: Ideas for Helping Kids Focus

The inability to fully focus and engage can really interfere with a child's ability to learn, finish tasks, stay on schedule, and develop social skills. What are some steps you can take and support you can seek?

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Montessori at Home: A Video Series

Has your family begun to implement the Family Framework at home? We are sharing some ideas from parents about how this can look in your home with DIY Montessori materials to workspace tours.

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Montessori and the STEM Experience with NextWaveSTEM

Join NextWaveSTEM's Sugandhi Chugani and Jarrad McCarthy to learn how to challenge children to think like design engineers using the test-and-analyze method. Families are welcome to participate with their children in a demonstration!

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Elementary: Calling a Truce with Tech

Technology is a helpful tool, but screen time should be limited and purposeful. Need help setting reasonable guidelines around technology for your elementary child?

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How the imagination aids learning

In elementary, children can analyze, compare, contrast, determine relationships, identify patterns, and recombine those concepts and images into novel ideas using their imaginations and intellects.

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The Guidepost Difference: Programs and Network

The term Montessori is not trademarked. So Guidepost Montessori prides itself on hiring guides, retaining guides and offering ongoing professional development to deliver an authentic Montessori education.

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Elementary Series: On the Work Journal

The work journal is a booklet, notebook, diary, or composition book that the elementary child uses to keep his own work records. He typically notes the time he started an activity and the name of it.

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Spotlight on Grammar Boxes

Grammar Boxes take up a lot of real estate on the language shelves of a Montessori elementary classroom, and for good reason!

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A Snapshot of the Elementary Classroom

In a Montessori elementary classroom, there is a hum of activity and collaboration. Learn about group lessons, going out, cooking activities and more from this engaged community of learners.

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A Q&A: Lessons on Montessori

How do you know if your child is suitable for Montessori? Why does Montessori not have homework? What is your child learning in a Montessori classroom? Learn all about this century-old, child-centered method of education.

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Why choose Montessori elementary?

Older students crave collaborative work and larger responsibility in their own learning, and these needs are met in an elementary Guidepost Montessori classroom.

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