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Positive Discipline with Whole.Child.Home

Hear from Blanca via @whole.child.home about how she uses Positive Discipline with her toddler at home. Rally her expertise as a Licensed Professional Counselor!

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A Montessori Framework for Discipline

Is there a Montessori approach to discipline? What practices do Montessori guides employ in our classrooms, and is it practical and effective for parents to implement at home?

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Montessori: 150 Years Young and Still Changing Lives

On Dr. Maria Montessori's 150th birthday, one parent shares how Montessori's work is more relevant than ever, offering meaningful solutions to the gaps that still exist across childhood development and mainstream education.

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Back to School: Coming Together in New Ways

Fall 2020 has been full of challenges for families to navigate, but there's also a lot of resilience and growth to be found from change. Hear from a few of our own parents on how they've adapted for this school year!

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Montessori at Home: A Video Series

Has your family begun to implement the Family Framework at home? We are sharing some ideas from parents about how this can look in your home with DIY Montessori materials to workspace tours.

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Emergency Childcare for Essential Workers

As families respond to the newest orders to slowly return back to work in some states, more workers will qualify for the Emergency Childcare for Essential Workers program. Learn more about how the program has already helped many families!

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Q&A with Joel Mendes: The Prepared Environment At Home

One of the most popular questions parents have with our new Parent Concierge service is how to prepare their children's home spaces using Montessori's principles of a Prepared Environment. Joel Mendes of the Prepared Montessorian shares his tips!

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Busy Work vs. Meaningful Work

Working to become a more prepared parent is not rooted in trying to achieve more than is possible, but it is rooted in optimism that – with a ton of grace – we can redirect what energy we do have to make the most of this situation we are in.

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Limits and Boundaries for Working at Home With Your Child

Enforcing a week-day routine that is distinguishable from our weekend routine is essential, but I’ve realized that sticking to a new routine is only successful if I can identify the limits and boundaries that will bring consistency to our routine.

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How the imagination aids learning

In elementary, children can analyze, compare, contrast, determine relationships, identify patterns, and recombine those concepts and images into novel ideas using their imaginations and intellects.

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The Guidepost Difference: Programs and Network

The term Montessori is not trademarked. So Guidepost Montessori prides itself on hiring guides, retaining guides and offering ongoing professional development to deliver an authentic Montessori education.

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Elementary Series: On the Work Journal

The work journal is a booklet, notebook, diary, or composition book that the elementary child uses to keep his own work records. He typically notes the time he started an activity and the name of it.

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Spotlight on Grammar Boxes

Grammar Boxes take up a lot of real estate on the language shelves of a Montessori elementary classroom, and for good reason!

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Independence Through the Years

One of the most important tasks for a Montessori guide is to foster independence in her students. This crucial skill is taught to children in every community, from Nido to Elementary.

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A Q&A: Lessons on Montessori

How do you know if your child is suitable for Montessori? Why does Montessori not have homework? What is your child learning in a Montessori classroom? Learn all about this century-old, child-centered method of education.

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How to help the 'after-school crash'

We're eager to catch up with our children after an exciting school day, but acknowledge that the child needs to decompress, recharge, and take a deep breath, too.

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Tips to ease separation anxiety

Separation anxiety can be troublesome for both the parent and the child, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Parents deserve to trust our children are in the right place, so before you approach mornings in fear, start here.

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Multi-Age Classrooms—A Hallmark of Montessori

One of the first things you notice when you walk into a Montessori school is that the classrooms are not divided by age. In a Montessori classroom, you will see children of different ages working together and socializing happily.

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Understanding Temper Tantrums: Part 1 of 2

Ask anyone, parent or not, whether they know what a “temper tantrum” is, or what the “terrible twos” are, and you can bet that they have no trouble picturing a toddler meltdown at a playground, a grocery store, or an airport.

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Addressing Temper Tantrums: Part 2 of 2

If you're trying to figure out how to avoid temper tantrums, we'd love to help! Though the occasional meltdown during early childhood is inevitable, you can understand what causes tantrums, learn how to prevent them, and how to deal with them.

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